World Dunk Association

The goal of the World Dunk Association (WDA) is to create the foundations to elevate the dunk as a structure discipline. We are creating the first open database of dunk contests, dunkers, and dunks. With the objective to create the first official world ranking, motivate the current dunkers to create new dunks, and inspire the next generation of dunkers. We are also helping dunk contest organisers by standardizing the dunk notation. We are in the continuity of the evolution of the dunk.

Honoring the past

The NBA was the first organisation to expose the dunk as a standalone discipline with the All Star Game Slam Dunk Contest in 1984. It was a real battle between dunkers to push them to display their dominance and status as NBA players. Thanks to the NBA organisation and NBA players, the entire world discovered the beauty of dunking. The WDA is honnoring the past by archiving all the dunks made by players that still inspire us today.

Helping the present

The current dunker community is more athletic and creative than ever before. Most of them are still unknown despite their spectacular skills and creativity. We want to fix this by providing a centralised and neutral platform to reference all their dunks and profiles. It is a way for current dunkers to have a real online presence and be part of the history of dunks. We are also working on the Dunk Scoring System to evaluate dunks in the best possible way. We are sensitive to difficulty and creativity. This system will help dunkers to evaluate their own dunks and will build a universal standard to create better dunk contests. We are part of the global basketball family and we want to enlarge this family with new dunkers, new fans, new dunk contests.

Building the future

The WDA is a place of inspiration for the future generation. Any dunker can create his/her profile. They will find all dunks done in the past and will be able to look for inspiration. New to the dunking world? No problem. Browse the platform and educate yourself about what is possible. The world is full of talents that need to be revealed. Register now and add your dunks. You will gain exposure and it will be easier for sponsors, organisers, and coaches to find you.

Creating the League

Creating a Dunk World League is the next logical step and a natural alignment. With the possibility to rank dunks and dunkers, the WDA is in a position to create an official Dunker's League accessible world wide with the platform because any dunker can create a profile. The organisation of official dunk contests (validated by WDA) will be possible thanks to our database of dunk and the Dunk Scoring System. We are committed to bring new opportunities for dunkers on the long term with a professional league.


YouTube Channel: Ryan Van Dusen (NBA contests)
YouTube Channel: FIBA 3x3
Wikipedia: Slam Dunk Contest
Special Thanks: Guillaume Leal, Marco Favretto, Justin Barber.


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Behind the scene

The Dunk Scoring System original idea was designed by Ahmed Benchiah and Kadour Ziani.

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