Remco Frankin

Huizen, Netherlands


Hi i'm Remco, a 25 year old from the Netherlands. Dunking was always something i wanted to do so when I started basketball. I was always jumping to the rim. Finally made my first dunk when i was 16 and around 1.80m at the time. Always did it casually, but started doing more serious training when i was 19. Started doing some contests when my friends pushed me to do it and the ball started rolling from there. So far I won the Dutch National Championship 2 years in a row and represented the Netherlands on the FIBA 3X3 World Cup Dunk Contest in Amsterdam in 2019, where I managed to place 4th. Besides dunking I also work in IT to pay the bills so i'm not able to do dunking full time, but I put all the work in I can outside my other obligations in life ;)